My final 4 images

final 4I have chosen these final four images on the view point, and the theme of inside and outside, one I am clearly outside, another I am obviously inside but then the next two aren’t as clear, the cream coloured room I am in fact outside looking in and the image in the top right hand corner I am under shelter but not entirely inside. Each image shows a different state of decay. The first being graffiti, and human caused decay, the second image, litter also human caused, third, nature taking over and fourth is time, causing the paint to peel and sunlight muting the colours.

I used the same process on each image but as you can see the outcomes have varied. The first image you clearly tell that it has been manipulated but then the next image it is very subtle, unless you recognise the building you wouldn’t be able to tell that it has be mirrored.

I have chosen individual images that all include the abandoned theme.


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