Proposal Update

It wasn’t until I looked through my photos, and began editing them that a concept arose, I was so bogged down at the beginning by trying to think of some huge meaning behind these photos, that I was oblivious to what they actually meant to me. I realised how lucky I was to live so close to somewhere that is often overlooked but is in fact beautiful, and they are images that will appeal to others as they are pretty to look at, it is another project where I photograph the mundane and attempt to make it something else.

For people in my local area the zine could act as a treasure map, one where the images that I have taken make people want to see the sites for themselves, or have already seen it before, but never like this. I want it to put Milton Creek Country Park ‘on the map’. With this in mind I do not want it to become a cheesy advertisement brochure, I want it to be a photographic exploration of the country park, I want the images to only have the subject in common, but the techniques and approaches to be different, to show a diverse range of skills, where one image might appeal to some and then a different style to another.

I have been on many shoots over at the country park, some on my own, some with my dog and other times accompanied by my friends. Each trip over there I always come away with something different. When I go on my own, the photos are often pre planned, and I know exactly where I am going and what my subject is. When I go with my dog, the photos tend to be more off the cuff, unexpected, with often some hidden gems. When I am accompanied by a friend I tend to take a lot more photos, and explore new and further to reach places.

This project to me is about what is at your doorstep, and I hope that it inspires others to go out and explore.


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