Task A – part 2

Test shoots and final submissions:

My most successful test shoot, was from my Image Making Unit, where I set up a mini studio at home, using a foot stool, sheets, torches and sweet wrappers as cheaper alternatives to what I has access to in the studio. I used the colour from the sweet wrappers to create different colours in the light, I feel this is what went really well whilst doing this shoot, as the vibrantly coloured photos worked better than the more plainly lit ones.

For my final submissions, in my first two units the standard of my work really changed, in the first unit I was really pleased with the outcome, I had four visually appealing photographs, and they were even chosen to be put on display at the university. final 4

The second Unit outcome (Identity Unit) it was very different, I didn’t even enjoy showing people my final images, my concept had let me down to start with and then my methodology of working did also, if I had a better concept from the start I think I would have been able to have aimed for a higher outcome.


I was also very pleased with my final images from the image making unit, I feel that these were the most substantial and more of my own creation as I had all of the creative decisions, I could move objects and change the lighting, all which would drastically change the outcome of the photos.

I feel that I would have liked to have continued with the Environment unit as I thoroughly enjoyed taking the photos for this one, however I don’t think it could have been developed further, I think this concept was pushed enough. In the future I would love to continue my research into The Day of The Dead, but perhaps in a documentary way, physically go to Mexico and experience the celebration myself and capture the moments to bring back for others to see. This is something I strongly hope I pursue after University.



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