Task A – part 3

Research tasks and case studies:

I remember I really enjoyed the research tasks in the first Unit, because it was a push for me into how to carry out my own research. I enjoyed the key words tasks and found them surprisingly useful, as I would push and push to find a better descriptive word for the image, this then helped in my writing as I began to use the correct terminology and less of the basic words which I found easier to use. I think I enjoyed the tasks set to us, because they made us look at things we might not have delved into otherwise. I was photographing abandoned buildings, so I wouldn’t have looked into the work of Candida Hofer, but because of the tasks I did, and then her methodology became a starting point for my own, how her images where symmetrical and perfectly lined up. I continued this in my Image making unit, by researching into artists as well as photographers.

candida hofer image


Robert Polidori is a name that has stuck with me from the start, along with his image of coloured flaking walls, because it reminded me of Mark Rothko’s artwork. Anna Mika’s images have haunted me, I like her work so much because they tell a story.

From the Identity unit, Angelo Merindino’s series is my favourite, because it is so sad, and very honest and ordinary, it doesn’t shove in your face a heart breaking image, you go on a journey with him, visiting his parents.


From the Image Making unit I enjoyed the Day of the Dead research the most, as it’s something I am truly interested in. I also enjoyed researching Damien Hirst and Grayson Perry because of their weird and wonderful creations.



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