Task B- proposal document

Reflection and Proposal

I found reflecting upon my old work quite confusing in terms of finding a link and a direction to follow, as one unit was abandoned buildings, the next was photos of my parents and the last was the Mexican celebration Day of the Dead. The identity unit lead me nowhere as I was disappointed with the concept, and outcome, it is something I would re-start with an entirely new idea. In the image making unit, I did photograph flowers, however in the studio and not in their natural surroundings. Which leads me to the environment unit, my initial thoughts during the briefing for this were about nature, but somehow went on to photograph abandoned buildings, and then manipulated them on Photoshop, by duplicating and flipping the image. I did this because in an early feedback tutorial I was told that my idea was boring, and that everyone does this, this however pushed me to do it in my own way, and this is my strongest project to date.

Taking that idea, I propose that I will take nature and landscape photographs at my local country park. I have chosen to stay local as then I be shooting every day and go there at different times, this gives me the best opportunity to get as many photo-shoots done. Landscape and nature photos can be quite boring, like the abandoned buildings, so my aim throughout this project is to explore different ways I can put my own twist on what otherwise might be seen as mundane every day pictures. It wasn’t until after I planned this that I realised that a mundane theme can be seen, in the first project, I was trying to make common photos look exciting, and avoid them looking mundane, in the identity unit I was aiming for a mundane look on everyday life, and how it is repetitive. In the last Unit, it was a progression from how the British view death, and how it is very plain and dark into the vibrant colours of Mexico.

I will follow the route of the environment unit, and produce a zine that will look intriguing and will show a different way to view nature and our environment around us, in a way it could advertise Milton Creek Country Park.

A research artist that I could look into again for this unit is Ron Von Dongen, he photographs flowers on a bright white background, I replicated this look by placing flowers onto a scanner, even though my plan is to photograph the flora and fauna in its natural surroundings, this could be another way to document the flowers.

For the Exhibition prints for the final hand in, I am currently planning on ‘going large’ and printing poster size, or larger. This is dependent on having one stand out image, I am currently thinking along the lines of a time lapse sunrise/set photo.

My first step is to get outside, and take photos for my test shoots and see where the best locations are. It is a weather dependent project, as I don’t want grey, over cast sky’s in my photographs (unless a reason arises for this). I hope to find ideal spots to take photos at night as well.



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