Experiments (2) Another route to take?

Whilst I was thinking of what I could do and how I could alter my images from the country park, I remembered the image of the Cottingley fairies and how the fairies were based off of illustrations. (photograph taken by Elsie Wright and Frances Griffiths).


So I took scans from a book from my childhood, The Yellow Fairy Book, the illustrations are by Gunvor Edwards. The story is about a brother and sister (Peter and Mary), having to save a princess and traveling through strange and magical lands to get there. I then used the scans in my own photos. I first removed the background from the scans.

I then tested out different blending options on Photoshop, and chose and chose from a selection of my photos of which ones would work best as the background. I re-sized and scaled the illustrations so they fit nicely with there surroundings.

In the first image, I used the glowing coloured edges to make it seem as if the characters have been taken from their fictional world and ‘transported’ into ours. The next two I made it look much more subtle, I feel that the paper boat in the pond works best, as the surroundings fit accurately to the subject of the image. I really enjoyed making these but if I was to continue with this concept it would be a project itself, without other experiments of how to change and make the mundane themes different. I feel this is an idea I may wish to pursue in the future as then I could travel to locations that do the story justice. I feel that this would pull me completely away from my plan.



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