Camera Refresher/Negative scans Workshop

During these workshops we used the Bronica’s (medium format cameras) and had a re-cap session before shooting with them. In the past I struggled with the Bronica’s, I just couldn’t get to grips with how you viewed the image, and focused it too. However with the workings of the camera gone through again, and using the camera straight after (so the information was fresh in our heads). I found it much more enjoyable, and less stressful than the previous times, I had a few hiccups, like leaving the slide in, so I didn’t expose the film, but the ones I did shoot correctly, came out with the right exposure, this also shows how I have progressed in using the light metres.

I was so pleased with the outcome because I was expecting blurry images or out of focus ones, they aren’t the sharpest but I hope that over the summer I can practice with an analogue camera.


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