Experiments (part 1)

To begin with I didn’t want to rush into editing and change too much of the original photos, as I thought if I did it this way, I would miss something that is a simpler and less manipulative but might have been more effective. For this experiment I focused on the cropping and positioning of the photographs, and how groups can look more effective than single images.


These are three images that I chose from a shoot. I chose these three because they all have the same subject matter and each colour is different and bold and will stand out next to each other. I took these images at sunset, which is what gives them a golden glow.three flowers

This has worked quite nicely, the images don’t have as vibrant contrast as I hoped they would, but overall it looks pretty. For the look I am going for just being pretty is not enough, it doesn’t require much skill to produce these images, so I don’t think I will continue experimenting in this way.


three flowers edit

I used the curve tool on Photoshop to create this image. I used it to make it look posterized, because of this effect it looks as if it is in the style Pop art.




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