Matt Molloy

Matt Molloy was recommended to me by a friend, when I said that I wanted to take photos of the sun setting or rising, she said about how the clouds look as if they have been woven together, and he produced this look by overlapping lots of photos taken over a time period.

Matt Molloy is a Canadian photographer with a diploma in Graphic Design. He enjoys all form of art from music to painting. He grew up in a small town, and was close to nature, you can see how this has inspired his work.

He has recently become well known in the world of photography because of his new photographic process technique, where he uses time lapse photos, it is a technique he has developed himself and calls them time stacks. Which is a rather fitting name, because he layers or ‘stacks’ the photos on Photoshop, and each photo was taken at a different moment in time.

matt molloy

I think his work is beautiful, it is so stunning, they look as if they have been created with oil paints rather than a machine. I like how he has tried the technique with the flowers by the train tracks, and how you can see the wind blowing in a still image. The colours in the sky are very calming, these photos really make me look at them in awe. The image with the barn in it is my favourite because the colours in the sky look like brush strokes, or comets.

So one night I took my camera and tripod and headed over to the country park, as it was a nice warm day, and honestly I was in a bit of a rush, I didn’t want to miss the sun setting, so I found an ideal spot that I could get to quickly, and set a timer on my phone for every minute, and each minute I would take a photo. It was after the first 5 or 10 that my phone died, so it became more guess work.

These are the un-edited images, if you look ever so carefully you can see the subtle differences in each one, as the sun moves. In total I was outside for an hour, took roughly forty photos, and used thirty in my final edits.



These are some of the outcomes, by changing the blending method on Photoshop the overall look can be changed, with the top image only being blended together, the second the hues changed on different layers, and shifted the layers and the last image I turned into a silhouette. These are some of my strongest images in terms of technical methodologies and aesthetics.

three timestacks


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