Project Update

(continuation from proposal update)

My project’s concept has now developed further, the idea will still remain the same, to show a variety of techniques and skills, photographing landscapes and nature, all based in the Country Park, but not only is it a reminder of what is on my doorstep but a reminder of all the memories that were made over there. Having grown up here I spent days as a toddler picking blackberries with my Mum, in the bushy mess of a Country Park that it used to be, to the first time our pet dog was allowed off the lead, on what was like a huge building site, where they were renovating the Country Park and later on when we lost our dog over there too, to more recently, adventures with my friends in the sunshine and snow. For me these images will be personal but universal to the eye, as they may seem like landscapes, nice to look at, but it will show how a place can hold a memory.

I have enjoyed how the concept has come about in this way, as a suggestion was to take photos of something you love, and make others love them. I love them because of the memories they bring back, others will love them for the sights to see, and perhaps it might remind them of moments they have experienced whilst amerced in nature.


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