At the beginning of this unit I begrudgingly began routing through my old work, because I took the instructions very literally and thought that we had to choose a unit to continue and develop, however after tutorials when I started making links between my previous work, and focusing on my strengths, I realised I could use my previous workings and methodologies rather than an idea.

Where previously I thought we had complete freedom in the individual unit, I had planned out what I wanted to do, because there was no time to brainstorm ideas and test them out. I knew I wanted to take photos outside, because I find this the most exciting, and I am much more passionate about doing it, and because of the time scale of this unit I wanted to stay local, so I could get the most out of a location, by shooting there as many times as I needed. So my location was decided, my local country park (Milton Creek). This meant taking nature and landscape photos, something which can be seen as quite boring, and this is how all my ideas link together, each idea I have taken something mundane and tried to make it exciting, so I have approached this unit in the exact same way as before, and through the use of photoshop I have manipulated images to make the different and stand out from other landscape and nature photographs. I think I have managed this quite well, as I am pleased with the final outcome, I am glad that I chose to keep a variety of different approaches in the final zine as I wanted to get the idea of experimentation across to the viewer. However in the earlier stages I wish I had tried out more approaches, and this is something I would do if I was to continue this unit, it is a project I feel that could be ongoing, it is more of a start to, at least a few years’ worth of experiments, it hasn’t come to a definitive end.

Matt Malloy was the most helpful person I researched into, as his work helped me produce one of my final images, I did find the Photoshop aspect rather tedious (layering each photo) but I was greatly impressed with the outcome. Again this is another part that I had wish I had done more of. As I enjoyed learning and trying out this technique, because it was something entirely new to me and I had only ever heard of a time lapse video, not a time stack photo.

I thoroughly enjoyed taking the photographs, and being outside and exploring my local area, even though I did come across a few more difficulties than I was expecting. Exposing my images correctly became a struggle especially when I was taking panoramic shots, as one part of the image was too bright as it was closer to the sun, and then the other side too dark from the shadows. Gustave Le Grey’s work incorporated this, and in one image you could see the sun shining in the mist, and everything was well lit, but then to the side of the image it was dark and mysterious as your eyes followed a path off into the distance, this added layers and more meaning to his images, so when taking mine it wasn’t necessarily a bad thing.

If I had longer to continue this project my next stage would be to experiment with analogue cameras and darkroom techniques as many of the photographers that I researched into used this process, more to do with that is the technology they had available rather than down to creative choices, but none the less I would like to see how the outcome would differ. I would also get out and shoot more, with the summer holidays coming up they often hold events over at the country park, so this could be another aspect I could photograph.

When it came to the layout of my final zine I used experiences from making my first one, as during this I thought huge images that covered the entire page and double page spreads would look brilliant but it wasn’t until using the blank space and having smaller images that I much preferred this approach because I could use this white space as framing. I chose to incorporate smaller images to show the different alterations that I could do to one image, or similar scenes to give a fuller feel.

Something I need to pay more attention to is my spelling and grammar checks, and take more time when I am writing as then mistakes are less likely to happen. A small alteration I would make to my zine would be to remove one of the images on the front page, as I chose to include it to show the range of approaches and experiments, but now looking back on it, it isn’t strictly relevant.

Writing this evaluation now feels as if it is too soon, as there is so much more I could look into and take more photos and continue this project further. Overall I am happy with the outcome, as I met what I aimed to do. It is only now that I think perhaps I should have chosen just one technique for my final images to give it that connection, but I didn’t want the images to be similar or in a normal sense of a series of images. Each approach is a new fresh way to look at something otherwise seen as mundane. I just feel that I haven’t rounded it down as much as I perhaps should have.


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