Initial Thoughts:

Beyond Photography: Definitions


Surface is the outside part or uppermost layer of something. A surface is found on the exterior of something. It has a great deal to with texture and touch. In terms of photography the surface of a photograph can be defined as glossy, pearl and matte (to name just a few).


Time is the measured or measurable period during which an action, process, or condition exists or continues. Time can effect a great deal of things in photography, for example the longer you expose an image for, the more light will be let in, and movement will be captured.

Archive/Found photography

An archive is a collection of historical documents or records providing information about a place, institution, or group of people. Found photography is a visual art based on the recovery of lost, or unclaimed photographs that are possibly exhibited.

Definitions found using google define. Sourced from online dictionaries.

Initial thoughts and Ideas:

Written on the 17/09/16 after the first briefing, first thoughts are I’m not sure where any of these topics can go, as the subjects of the photos can be so varied,

Time: – I could continue with my exploration of time lapse photographs, looking at different landscapes and how the use of a time lapse affects different aspects of the photograph.

Archive/ found photography: – The first thing to pop into my head, was quite a morbid idea, but I have touched on the notions of death during the Here to There unit, but this time it could be more personal, I could use old images of deceased family members to archive and display in a type of time line, with notes written on about memories and dates, and then at the end of the series of photographs I complete them all with simple photographs of their resting places. Or rather than a time line have the photos spread out and then narrow down towards the end of life to represent the passing of time, and the withering away of life, and the final image of their resting places. If this idea was to be carried out as a group, it would be nice to capture the visit of the grave, so in turn one person would visit to take the photograph of the grave for example and another would capture the moment in the distance. Or if i carry it out singularly try to be very objective towards it, and be more factual than emotional.


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