Photography and Textiles

So the dreaded T word came up, and my head was filled with boring flashbacks from school, so my first thought was, ‘this is going to be boring’, but I actually learnt a lot during the lecture and wasn’t bored, my attention was caught. I wouldn’t say I really enjoyed it but I don’t have a negative view against the medium any more.

My favourite thought from the lecture is the fact that we might have these negative views on textiles but its all around and we can’t get away from it.

Whenever textiles are combined with photography it becomes a way of obscuring the image, even if you are printing the image directly onto the fabric, because of the feel of the material and different absorbencies compared to paper it will never be as clear. It makes the image harder to see, it creates a barrier to sight.

I was quite shocked when Lorna Simpson came up because I had referenced her work before but I never knew the images were printed on fabric, she uses lithography on felt and serigraph on felt.

From the artists that were show it emerged that if your story is that of a mainstream nature and very common, artists would tend to tell it in the conventional manner of paint on canvas but if your story was untold then it tended to be presented in a way that uses textiles.


This is the work that I produced during the workshop, I didn’t physically enjoy making these, but I like the outcome, more so of the messy loose sewing on the left because they become a vail over the faces.

I found that textiles is actually a great way to embellish a photograph, because these become something more than a poorly taken photograph (these were out of focus practice shots taken using analogue). They now have an arts and crafts feel to them.

At the moment I don’t see this fitting into my project, but i would like to try it in the future.


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