Considering the idea of found imagery, I started to think about carte de visites, and how I have shown an interest in them before. So many have sprung up whilst talking about archives, I find them really interesting, especially ones that you pick up from old antique shops or on eBay, because you know nothing about this persons life, but you have what used to be their possession, and you can see them, and read into the photograph as much as you can.

I thought to get me started, I will try making my own carte de visites at home. I only had myself and my mum as sitters (and improvised with my dog) but it was just a quick test, a bit of fun, to get me started and physically doing something, even if I don’t carry it on, It is just something I wanted to try.

Now seeing them presented together, they look similar to a set of playing cards. These were fun to make, but I can’t see myself pushing this theme forward any further. One thing I did notice however is how difficult it is to edit a group of images all in the same way, as the ellipses around these all look slightly different.


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