Memories and growth (brainstorming ideas)

I created these images, by taking the recent portraits my self, and then sourcing an image of me when I was little.

The first single image, is a photo I took of my mum, and myself, and I have merged the two together, and by changing the opacity on one image have given it a ghostly form. The concepts behind the photos are very different. For the one of my mum I was thinking about our family tree, and different generations. To take it further I could photograph my Nan too, and then use old family photos to insert for the older generations. For me personally, I find this idea a bit plain, I like things to be a bit more exciting.

The 2nd image, the double photo, is about memories and growth, I wasn’t really sure where I was going with it, again it was just a quick experiment. It is interesting to see, how changing the photos round changes the meaning of the image. With current day me, and tiny me being the faded over lay it speaks to me about looking back on your past, and about memories, with the other showing this un-knowing child of what the future will hold.


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