Creative approaches to found imagery

Found imagery and Archive are the topics that I responded to more than the other options, so I was very open minded towards this, and before todays lecture (21/09/16) I thought it was only a type of factual documentation. But Yaron Lapid’s work wasn’t just that, I found it as an artistic representation, especially the moving images. In this work it goes on for 90 minutes, so if you viewed it in a gallery and missed an image you most likely wouldn’t see it at all because there is so many. He’s taken away that frozen aspect of time, and therefor scrapped quite an important belief of photography. In the images he had cropped the eyes out, and felt that this was a comment about identity, and a way of hiding it. The video is called The New Zero and it is made up of found photos from Jerusalem from the 1970’s.

yaron lapid

Arrangements and repetition can be used to present found imagery, the way you display something can tell the viewer a lot about the meaning you are trying to convey. It can reinforce the meaning of the photos. Or you can juxtapose the contents of the image with the arrangement, for example you could have a set of typological photos, all strict and stern in nature but displayed in a messy bundle.

The photographer/artist can make adjustments to the found images, to put their own mark on it, or to aid the story telling process, this is called critical intervention. Sometimes less is more for example John Stezaker replaces faces with landscape postcards, so it hides a lot of the original information.


Not only are there found images but also found objects, and Stuart Haygarth collected leftovers from beaches and organized them into different themes, so some were divided into items and others into colour, he then photographed them out of their original environment and inside a studio.


The make believe theme was a section my ears pricked up for, the idea of creating something realistic for people to believe and see as factual but its only come from my imagination is one that I’d be enthusiastic to try. As I think my creativity might be suited to this.

We are now in the digital age, and everything must move with the time or fall behind and be forgotten even found photography. Kutiman on youtube created a song from clips that separate individuals uploaded, he became a composer without writing any music or playing any instrument.


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