Transitioning from photography to moving image

An image or a photo holds all the information in that one still moment, whereas a video keeps moving and there is a constant shifting of imagery.

 In a movie a close up shot can be used to show detail that could have been overlooked in the scene, and it is usually used to reveal a clue about the plot of the movie, or an important aspect that will tell you more information that is essential to the scene.

Another technique that can be used is a tracking shot, which allows for camera motion but but it fixes a subject in the frames. When slow motion is used it makes the ordinary appear extraordinary. Shifting the focus is used to show a character or objects relevance to the scene. Creating a time lapse is an interesting way of showing the passing of time very quickly.


In a pair we decided that we wanted to experiment with a lot of the techniques we learnt about in the lecture, so we began by jotting our idea down, we wanted something simple that would allow us to experiment with.

We then drew out our storyboard ready to shoot the video the following week. Our theme is loneliness, and how even though you may feel completely alone, you never really are. we decided to have two girls, so we could both have a go at filming, and being in the short film.


Click HERE for link to video

When it came to filming our video, we spent a day getting all the shots we needed and more, we shot a takes a few times over, to have different options to chose from when it came to editing it all together. It was really enjoyable making this video in a pair, as we could bounce ideas off of one another. I am surprisingly pleased with the outcome, because it was the first time experimenting with different filming techniques.


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