Thought Process – stage 1

So from seeing a few images of Fontcuberta’s work in a lecture, I’ve decided I want to make a fake archive, about a family member, who was also an explorer. She won’t be restricted to a time period or a place, because she will be travelling around a lot. She will be my great Aunt Lizzie (Elizabeth) I’ve chosen Elizabeth as this is my middle name, and gives a greater connection between her and myself.

  • Take photos of animals
  • Research artists – Joan Fontcuberta
  • Chema Madoz
  • Zoe Leonard and Cheryl Dunye (Fae Richards archive)
  • Research archives (real ones to see what they include)
  • (possibly) take photos of landscapes
  • photoshop animals to create mythical, imaginative creatures
  • take a self portrait (possibly in front of asylum)
  • create a family tree
  • experiment with aging techniques
  • write a journal- produce sketches too?
  • Create birth certificate/death certificate
  • Fake wedding photos?
  • Print and age photos from Abu Dhabi
  • Find old chest or suitcase
  • Wedding ring?
  • Newspaper clippings?
  • Write her story

(This work is from a previous date, done before any of my research)


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