Thought Process – stage 2

Narrative ideas:

This is a quick draft I started to write up at the beginning of the project, even though I am not taking it any further it is worth showing you to see where my idea started, and how it has developed along the way. I have taken references from pop culture to inspire these stories and I have written them in first person, so they seem like her diary.


Find photograph of woman, standing in front of huge house, description on back says Liz in front of her family home, weird thing about photograph is that you can’t tell what era its from because of the clothing, it features bits from all of history. This then triggers me to find out about who this woman is.  Find photographs of Abu dhabi? Maybe? But then research them to find out that that’s what the building looks like now. Find photographs of weird creatures she discovered? Find diary with all her adventures in. At the end of the exhibit,

Perhaps find baby belongings? Then find out that she had a child out of wedlock and was sent to an insane asylum were her child was taken away from her and rehomed.

Find documents from the asylum that deem her unfit for childcare, and diagnosed with a list of mental disorders. Find documents that show when she had to undergo electro shock therapy. Find death certificate.

End with me saying, ‘studying photography for a year has opened my eyes to its uses, and I understand fully that it can be forged, but personally I don’t believe that she faked these photographs, how could she? Where did she learn to make this photos at such a high standard? And how did she see the sights she saw, way back when they didn’t even exist? I’m not saying I have the answer, I don’t. but I wish I did, and all I know that my Aunt did not deserve the tortures she was put through in that horrible place.


I’ve finally got out of this god forsaken place, at the age of 17, I leave my home here in raxacoricofallapatorius and follow my feet to wherever they take me, I’ve dreamt of seeing the sites of the Kentlands and go to where no woman has gone before. I take with me in my trusty suitcase, my journal, my capture-box (which I have sketched beneath) my travel papers and other essentials. Its always hot here, and there is practically no nature or wildlife, and that is what I want to see. Today is the start of my life.

I hopped aboard the orient express and took off into the night sky. Everyone was asleep inside the carriages, and I didn’t want to disturb them, I then found an empty spot opposite a young gentleman who gazing out of the window. After half an hour, he began to converse with me, asking me why I was alone, where I was going, he was very interested in my tales, and when I had finished rambling he went on to tell me about himself, I couldn’t believe his profession when he told me, he builds entire cities, made from straw! He’s a master thatcher, and he trains young thatcher’s to help him. He builds houses, and schools and even skyscrapers for poor undeveloped cities. Before I knew it I was at my stop, we said our farewells, and off I trotted. He was so friendly, I only wish I had learnt his name, to help my memory I’ve drawn a quick sketch below.

Welcome to the united states of Britain, Landan said no person ever, I was dubious about going here as I’ve heard about these beastly creatures that have taken over the entire state! Pterodactyl’s is their full name, but those on the streets know them as Dacts. (pigeons).


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