Joan Fontcuberta’s work

a171d231d43e81c6e99e2b481a2e5711Lavandula Angustifolia from the Herbarium series taken in Barcelona 1984. Before seeing this photograph, I read about it, so I already knew that it was a turtle’s head that made this weird rose like creation. Even so I think it works well, because the texture of the turtle’s skin blends well along side the dryness of the plant. He has also thought about choosing the right shape, to fit inside the plant. In his Herbarium series he photographs the “plants” with a white background to copy the way a scientist would document a new specie of plant.

cercophitecus_icarocornu_fauna_series_1987_fontcuberta_formigueraCercopithecus Icarocornu from the Fauna series taken in Barcelona in 1987. This is the photograph that I feel like I’ve seen before, maybe it reminds me of the flying monkeys from the wizard of Oz. what helps the believability of the photo is how he’s taken it. It’s a moving animal in a dark place, so without a flash to freeze the motion it would have been blurry, so he’s used a flash even though he had entire control over the scene, he makes it seem as if he’s had to quickly document this specie he’s found. Also in the background you can see movement which hints at other unicorn monkey’s flying around.

Joan-Fontcubertas-Hydropi-004Sirens is a series in which he discovers the remains of fish people, and documents them in his photographs. I find this photo quite difficult to talk about because usually in surreal artwork the colours are vibrant, like the grass is vibrantly green more than in life, but here its just a normal looking photo, with the mermaid remains being the huge weird part but they don’t shout out to me, fake! Because of its normal plain surroundings and simple way it has been photographed.

constallations-c2a9joan-foncubertaConstellations 1993, In this series of work he becomes an amateur astronomer interested in documenting the starry skies. The concept behind this photo is so simple yet so effective, because it really does look like a constellation.

When in actual fact the image was made from due drops and dust landing on a piece of photographic paper. Here I find that he has turned nothing into something.


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