Film/Literature and Television Inspiration – Doctor Who

Like Harry Potter, Doctor who has made up a huge part of my life, (11 years to be exact) So its hard for it not to inspire my ideas and thoughts. When I first thought about my project idea, being about a traveller, I automatically thought of time travel, and then of course, Doctor Who, arguably the best time traveller.

There are certain scenes in Doctor Who that popped into mind when thinking about archive, and it’s when he’s spotted throughout history in photographs, and this is one way I can envision my project going.

The two of the TV screen is a scene I don’t think I’ll ever forget, because it was pulled off so well. In Doctor Who confidential, they explain how the film was shot, and back then, when I didn’t know much about how green screens worked, or I did, but had never seen it in this way, I was happily pleased with the outcome. The directors got Matt Smith (actor playing the 11th regeneration of the Doctor) to dance in time to the music from the old Laurel and Hardy programme and then used digital software to montage the scenes together.

It was really playful and fun, and I find that this is lost a lot nowadays within the field of photography.


This photo is not actually from Doctor Who, but the man in the foreground looks uncannily like actor Matt Smith, I understand that this could have been easily photoshopped, but you’d think I’d be able to find the original images, but I have looked and can’t seem to find them anywhere, and it’s funny little mysteries like this, that excite me.


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