Vivian Maier’s Hidden Gems

Her photos have been taken with such a great deal of skill, she has considered the timing and framing of every photo. They are not just accurately taken they are visually stunning, and her work has quickly become my favourite street photography. Some look like movies stills because of their perfection.

It’s when you look at her work more closely, you start to make connections, like the one above, it is as good as the work of Diane Arbus, and she deserves the same recognition. I am a huge fan of Diane Arbus’ work, but dare I say it, that Vivian’s twin photo is my preferred choice? I think it is down to the tones and shades, it has a lot of depth to it, whereas Arbus’ twins photo has a lot of contrast, but not as much detail.


This is such a moving and beautiful portrait, and I am captivated by the child’s big watering eyes. It’s really touching. You can see from her ripped shirt and dirty face that she is poor child, and I want to know more, I want to know what is wrong, and why no one helped. They say a photo can tell a story, this one doesn’t tell enough.

A lot of her photos show herself in a reflection of either a  mirror or shop window. The shop window photos remind me of Lee Friedlander’s work, she also took photos of her own shadow, similar to his work too.

I find the photo of her reflection in the mirror to be a highly intelligent and thought out selfie.

images-8She has a great awareness of space, and how distance and angles can be used to make a photo more interesting. This photo works so well because of the stunning composition and symmetry.

I see a connection between her work and the great Henri Cartier-Bresson, she has definitely thought about the decisive moment, and she knows when to hit the shutter.


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