I can’t explain this huge revelation moment I just had, where I was thinking about how Elizabeth’s story can go, and I was thinking about the goblins, and how usually they are seen as tricksters. In my mind I don’t see them as malicious or cruel. So what is cruel? And I thought about perhaps using the devil, that Elizabeth’s husband strikes a deal with but then I considered witches. I have decided that witches are a promising route to go down, as I can still photograph her trying to ‘hunt them down’ but this time with clues in the photos, in my mind the images that I will create are a lot clearer.

Since this moment of enlightenment I have gone on to do a test shoot, in which I went to Perry Woods (reminiscent of the blair witch project) and made corn dollies, and creepy witch things, to hang from trees. I didn’t tell any of my friends I was doing this and then posted a photo on Instagram, with the caption, “This is the scariest thing I’ve found, I went out to the woods just to take some pretty photos, and found … uhm, this creepy setting?” and in the photo you could see a house made from trees, with wicker dolls hanging, and upside down flowers, with a circle dug in the background, with candles in the middle. I am pleased to say I really had people fooled, even a friend who knew that my project was going to be about witches. This was only a quick social experiment to see if my idea was believable, now knowing the answer, I can continue this idea forward for the exhibition, as it rings more true than the mythical creature explorer.


 Plan of Action:

Research witches – (include photos from witch museum in Cornwall)

Salem witch trials?

Look into the blair witch project and other horror movies

My Roaneke nightmare

Write Elizabeth’s story/ diary


Select and edit

Age photos

Work out how to get a musty smell (without actually growing mould)

Collect and gather more objects, I have already acquired,

  • Old teddy bear
  • Blanket
  • Old postcards
  • Victorian purse
  • Wedding vail
  • Suitcase
  • Victorian coins
  • Vanity mirror

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