What am I doing? (aims and objectives)

This post is intended to make my plan clearer, as I have jumped from different ideas and work on my blog so far, and not clearly stated what I intended to do.

My aim is to create a fake archive, inspired from Fonctuberta’s. I want it to have a personal connection to me, so I shall make a fake family member, who will fit in with my real family tree. Her name will be Elizabeth, I knew this from the beginning, I chose this name as it is my middle name and I was named after a family member.

It will be set in the victorian era, as it needs to be believable as possible, and having a time free set of images, wouldn’t be realistic.

I will take the woodland and witch hunt photos myself, but I will age them using coffee, heat and by folding and tearing them. I will take the photos as if I am Elizabeth, as if I am discovering these scenes for the first time myself.

I will use found imagery, portraits of women, to then use photoshop to manipulate and impose ‘Elizabeth’s” face onto.

I will collect items to fill Elizabeths suitcase with, and I will come up with and write her diary.

I intend this all to be displayed in a glass display table, and a glass museum box.


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