Paper tests:

The look of the paper is going to play a huge role in the overall feel of the collection of work. This is the first time I have thought really hard about what paper I should print on. So I sent off for a sample pack of fine art papers and tested a print on each one.

I then selected a few from a possible 12, to then test to see how well it would take to the coffee staining. I then came to my conclusion. The paper that I have chosen, is quite rigid and thick, so it survives well even with me scratching it, ripping it, soaking it in water and smearing coffee over it. I couldn’t choose a paper that was too thin as it would deteriorate too much. The paper that I chose is meant for archive work.

I have placed my order, and will print my final photographs as soon as it arrives as then it gives me plenty of time to effect them afterwards.

I have received feedback from other students, and so far its been positive. I am pleased with how they have come out, but I think in the finals I will adjust the black point, make it darker, but then the rest of the image lighter, as the coffee darkens it, and some detail is lost.



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