Witchcraft and Magic

From a young age I have always shown an interest in all things magical, not so much sparkling unicorns, like normal children, but creepy old witches and curses! Okay so I might be exaggerating it slightly, but I collected old gem stones, and wands, and wooden boxes. This love grew when I read the Harry Potter books, and then experienced this magical world in the films too. Even today I have held onto this  interest, in the form of watching horror movies.

Witchcraft is the practice and study of magic, it is the belief in magical skills and abilities a person can possess. There is no one belief in what witchcraft is because it varies throughout history and different cultures.

Witches are seen in a bad light and are believed to be woman with evil powers. They are often depicted as an old hag, in a black cloak and crooked hat, flying in the night sky on  a broomstick.

I find it difficult explaining the wicked witches everyone thinks about because I grew up through the Potter culture, and along with that was the BBC Merlin series, which is set in Camelot where all magic is banned, and those caught practicing it are sentenced to death (Law made by Uther Pendragon). However a young Merlin, spends his time using his magic to protect Arthur (Uther’s son) whilst keeping it a secret from them. However heartwarming that is, that’s not the type of witches that I intend to use in my story.

The witches, will be powerful enchantresses, who offer mortal folk a deal, in which they use their powers to make their wishes come true, but for a price.


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