Tristan Campbell

Tristan Campbell is a landscape film photographer. He works in Harrogate North Yorkshire. He primarily shoots using large format film cameras. His passion for taking photographs of landscapes started after seeing his grandfathers landscape photography, and he was inspired by the traditional landscape painters of the 17th and 18th century. He interested in the landscape before photography, because before taking photos became his passion he drew and painted the landscape. However, because of the time constraints he turned to photography.

He wanted to get as close to painting as he could and he found that using large format cameras was the closest he could get. The pacing of a large format camera is typically slower than say a 35mm camera, because you have one shot on each film, which is very costly which imposes a more disciplined approach to photography.

He finds that colour negative film is the ultimate photographic medium because of the dynamic range it is able to capture in just one single exposure.

autumn-gold-srgb_thumbIt was the colours that first caught my attention when looking at his work. They are muted, but not in a way that takes away its vibrancy, it just looks a lot softer. Docile isn’t really a word you connect with an image but this is what first springs to mind.

It’s a warm feeling but you can imagine the brisk wind hitting your cheeks.

early-summer-oaks_thumbAgain the greens are very soft, they aren’t harsh, or too
fake (after manipulations to make grass look greener etc).

It is a very peaceful photograph, nothing loud or attention grabbing, it’s nice and subtle.

It has a dream like sense to the photograph, like many of his work does.

autumn-dawn-thumbI find this one doesn’t work as well as the others, because the only soft tones are in the sky, and then the foreground looks quite dull and bland.

I personally don’t find the composition as strong in this image either, the first two are beautiful and make you want to look, whereas this doesn’t have the same affect as the first too.


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