Film/Literature and Television inspiration – AHS My Roanoke Nightmare


The 6th Season of American Horror story was indeed a strange one to say the least, they all are, and are always full of plot twists and surprises. I truly think it’s the most original series on TV.

The theme of each season changes, as do the character but they use the same lead actors. They started with series 1, The murder house, full of ghosts, gimp masks and murderers, then on to, The Asylum (my personal favourite) following the lives of those wrongly locked up in Briarcliff insane asylum, featuring the popular murderer, ‘bloody face’. The third season, Coven, follows a group of young witches being taught by the ‘supreme’ of course it is not all plain sailing, there are african voodoo witches out to get them. Given the theme of my project, this one seems to suit it perfectly, however it is very modern, it is like a cross over between Harry Potter and Mean Girls. This brings me to series 4, Freak Show, there was so much hype for that series, so I was disappointed with this one, but it was still original, the plot following a group of circus ‘freaks’ and them wanting to fit in, and the lengths the ‘normal’ people will go to keep them out, the back story of Twisty the clown in this series, was brilliant. Series 5 took us to the Hotel, and introduced Lady Gaga to the list of esteemed cast members.

Finally I get to series 6, My Roanoke Nightmare, which I was watching during the entirety of this unit, and I still didn’t think of the ‘Witch’ idea until much later on. Roanoke is a place, it is a place in which a group of colonists disappeared (known as the lost colony) and to this day no one knows what happened to them.

It was in the scenes above, that I wish could say that I was inspired from to do my woodland shoot with the wicker dollies, however I didn’t see this scene until after my photoshoot, I think it was on the same night or the day after, and I can honestly say I was ever so slightly creeped out, it was the timing and the similarity.

But the scenes you see here, are what you can expect to see in my final photographs.


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