Plan for the Exhibition

My plan for the exhibition is to have my work displayed, in a glass display table (like one you’d find in a museum) and in a glass display box. I want the work to be displayed around the edges of the table, facing in different angles so people can walk around the table in a circular motion to see all the work. My plan is to have the teddy bear in the glass box, as it is one of the more personal items to Elizabeth, this has also worked out because it is very delicate, and its limbs are lose, so it will be more protected on its own, for this reason I won’t be submitting the teddy bear for the physical hand in. Speaking of the hand in, as i cannot hand it in a glass table I plan to hand all of the work and belongings in the suitcase that it was all discovered in, so the markers experience it in a more hands on way. (The suitcase is for hand in only, and will not be part of the exhibition).

My plan is to not announce in anyway that it is a fake archive, and for the exhibition the whole idea of it is to keep it seeming as real as possible.


I fell in love with chatham house the moment I stepped inside, The grand staircase grabs your attention, and I considered displaying my work in frames up the stairs, but this would be a hazard, and the photos might get overlooked.

The windows in the main room on the first floor caught my eye, I could visualise my work in a glass display table there, but then when I was considering the positioning of the table with the recess’ in the wall, it wouldn’t look right, in terms of the windows lining up with the table etc.

And then I found it, the chapel room, in all it’s glory, it is the door side I was interested in because I had no use for the shrine area. it is such a unique place, and I can’t see my work developing and being displayed anywhere else.

Screen Shot 2016-11-23 at 15.45.32

In an ideal world, I would have liked to display my work in a museum, so it fits in with the surroundings, but Chatham house is the best replacement for this, because of the old surroundings.

This is a quick mock up of how I visualise my work being displayed inside the table:



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