William Eggleston

William Eggleston has appeared in our lectures quite regularly, and every time I can’t help but let out a small sigh or yawn. From the first time I saw his work, I didn’t like it, usually when there is a photographic style that I don’t like, I can normally still appreciate the technique, but with … More William Eggleston

Christian Sampson

Christian Sampson is a 22 year old photographer from Peru. He graduated from a small private college in May 2016, he describes himself as a passionate people photographer. He is currently relocating to Illinois, Chicago. His mission is not to just take a picture but to create a work of art and in the process … More Christian Sampson

Project Update:

From the beginning I didn’t want zombies to be the main focus of the photos, but a main theme in the writing, this element became stronger still when I decided that the zombies aren’t actually going to be real. A few different things changed my mind on this, one being the believability of the photos, … More Project Update:

Shoot 1

Below are a selection of photographs from my last shoot, they give an overview of the type of things I was photographing, and a feel of what a collection of photos will look like. I photographed during a storm, which I thought would help with the lighting, but instead it just made it more difficult … More Shoot 1

Brittany Bentine- Locked Illusions

Brittany Bentine is a Houston based photographer, she is the owner of Locked Illusions. A photography studio, she specialises in maternity, babies, children, families and teenagers. However it isn’t your normal family portrait session… “America’s First Goth/Alt and fantasy themed photographic art for maternity, babies, kids, families, and teens.” She creates stunningly eery portraits of … More Brittany Bentine- Locked Illusions