Narrative workshop

In preparation for this workshop I drew and cut out templates, using card. The idea came from an old photo I took on my phone where I painted a dalek and then cut it out, and I played around with a torch, it caused a huge shadow on a plain wall next to my television, so it appeared to be coming from the screen. I was really impressed with clarity of the shadow if i remember correctly.

During the introductory lectures to the unit, dreams were mentioned as a way of showing a  narrative in your photos which is what I wanted to try out during the workshop. I connect shadows with nightmares so I began thinking of fears and the first one to spring to mind was spiders, it is an extremely common phobia (I understand why) so I thought it was a good choice to base a nightmare on that as lots of people would be able to connect with the photo.

As it was more of a time to experiment we decided to use both a man with a dagger and the spider to just have a play around, whereas if it was more serious we would have been stricter and stuck to as set narrative.

It was during the workshop we decided to elaborate more on the idea and create more of a sequence, so it starts with the character awake and preparing for bed, and then her dreams come alive on the walls. We added more depth to the narrative with subtle imagery within the photos, for example the first image in the series has in the background two hands appearing from behind a door, so it gets the viewer to question what is real? and what is a dream?


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