Story telling – what it is and what it means to me

To tell a story is to communicate a tale to someone else, to pass on a piece of knowledge. It involves more than one person, there is always a listener like in photography, you have the photographer and the viewer relation (even sometimes model). It’s a collaborative moment, if you are telling a make believe story, the reactions that the listeners give, can be interpreted and acted on. A good telling of a story should let the reader/listener use their own imagination to fill in the gaps or to use the descriptive words and visualise it themselves. It is a social and cultural way of telling stories.

Stories can be told or conveyed in many ways including, cave carvings, symbolism, novels/books, short stories, comics/graphic novels, audio books, movies, television, art, murals and last but not least photography. A picture is worth a thousand words, especially in the art of story telling. You could tell a story about a princess in a yellow dress, with a blue bow and red polka dots but it is much easier to show them a picture of it.

Since I was a baby I have had nursery rhymes and stories read to me at bed time. From what I can remember it was every night without fail, and I think its because of this I have a vivid imagination and a creative outlook. My favourite story when I was little was from the yellow fairy book by Enid Blighton and thinking back on it now, it was absolutely bonkers. Two children had to save a princess and they climbed a magical tree, and different lands would pass the tree in the clouds, they had to travel through the land of the stupid’s and the land of the giants, they even stayed in cuckoo clock. I am going through all of this because it was listening to these stories that opened my mind to castles on a cloud or ghosts in the cupboard and trolls under bridges.

As I got older I was reading things like Harry Potter and typical girly teenage books. The magical world was one that I would have much preferred to have lived in. Even girly coming of age books, set in the real world were still full of much more excitement than real life. I could shut off everything around me and just feel as though I’m in the book.

I am pleased that creative writing is an option for this unit, and it will be the route I take.


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