More Ideas


  • Zombie apocalypse – this is such a popular topic in pop culture, within movies, TV series, books, comics and games. I haven’t seen it done in photography. I could set it in the near future, so not much has changed and technology hasn’t developed, and the start of the infection could be caused by a new drug that Trump signs for, or it is a new illness that started because refugees were left in horrendous conditions for too long. To show this I could create propaganda posters. So to start with it has a social/political comment, and then what follows is the disaster that Trump and Brexit caused.

The book will be made up of journal entries, posters and photographs.

  • Pandoras Box – I came up with this idea whilst rummaging through my belongings, and I have an old looking small wooden chest, it looks like if you open it, you’ll release a poltergeist. Each photograph that I make could depict all the evils of the world.
  • A REAL Archive – in my spare time I (weirdly) enjoy going to abandoned buildings, I recently went to an old warehouse, and nearby was a battered old shed, inside I found a tiny green case, and inside was a collection of photographic slides (I realise this sounds like I am making it up, but it is all true) and I have kept them, intending to put them online to try and find who they belong to, they are old family album photos, some of them are really beautiful, just simple snapshots and holiday photos, but I just think they look beautiful. I find them very sad too, like how could they have been thrown out? Or perhaps they were lost. I don’t know if I can use these to make a story for this unit.
  • Abandoned Vlogs – A vlog is a video blog, they are extremely popular on YouTube. I could create video entries, of my explorations in abandoned buildings, and then I go missing, and it becomes a found footage film. I could go down a paranormal route, or a missing persons, with police recordings and newspaper cuttings. This can easily be made into a book, but it wouldn’t feel the same being shown through photos, because the vlogs would be on going, and be current, whereas a book makes it a has been/already happened, it won’t come across the same to the viewers.

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