Book Binding (Workshop)

It is fair to say that I didn’t really have high hopes for this workshop, the idea of it seemed dull to me, but I remained hoping for the best, and I was blown away, I absolutely loved it, and I look at books in an entirely different way now, and appreciate the skill that went into making them.

I find the process strangely calming? Perhaps because I got on with it so well. It was so simple to make a book but so clever. It seems like an idea for a new hobby, that I can practice as well as it be useful beside photography.

We learnt how to create a book using a three hole pamphlet stitch and a four hole Japanese bind. They both look aesthetically nice, and you can embellish them with design if you wish.

As much as I loved the workshop, I don’t plan to use it for my final book only because it won’t be done for a reason, If I was creating a miss mash of images and sketches then this would work really nicely but currently what I am aiming for doesn’t suit this.


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