InDesign Workshop

The link below takes to you the zine I made during the workshop, it was also a great chance for me to explore another idea I had about dreams, and how everything can seem quite hazy but colourful, so I used light bleeds to create this effect

.For the zine I used photos I took during the summer months, I didn’t take them for anything in mind, I just took the opportunity whilst I had a model to work with. I really enjoy taking photos just for the fun of it, when there isn’t something that I am working towards, or need to do. I’m not sure if the quality of the photos are as good when I am not working to a target, but I just remember it being a thoroughly enjoyable shoot.

In the end the photo series lent more towards fashion than portrait, and I think this works quite well. I found a poem online to link with the photos, so I could see how the image text relation changed.

The zine becomes quite tactile because of the layout of my text, you need to turn it round each way, back and forth and then in circles, I like this about the zine because it gets the reader to take more time on the text which otherwise would have been quick and easy to read. There is one page where I have positioned the text so it replicates the pose that the model is taking.

I also liked the use of a poem next to the images, and how the text wasn’t blatantly obvious about the images, but it helped set the theme. Using a poem in my visual work is an option, but I am quite certain that what ever I choose to do, I want it all to be entirely my own work. I understand that this is a lot of work to set myself, and it won’t be easy, but I feel like it is a challenge that I wish to tackle.

I proof read the text multiple times, but in workshops because there is a target time to meet, it can be rushed, at the time I was certain that it was all ready for printing, but looking back on it now, I can see a mistake where I have repeated a line of poetry, I need to spend a lot of time checking over my layout when it comes to making my final book.

Link: Laura McEwan


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