Jason Sinn

Jason Sinn is an American born photographer, covering genres such as portrait, ballet, music, commercial and editorial. He is based in Sacramento California. He first started off serving as a Field Observer in the U.S. Coast Guard photographing the rehabilitation of the Gulf of Mexico during the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. From his time documenting this, grew a new passion and appreciation for photography.

When I found Jason Sinn’s work I automatically recognised one image, and I cannot for the life of me remember where I have seen it before. I am sure I have seen it multiple times as well, because it has stuck with me. I guess this goes to show that it is a powerful photograph. (the photograph that I talk about is displayed below).

Finding Humanity-X2

I find this photograph captivating because of the amount of detail packed into it. A closed up aperture would allow this when shooting. I feel that the sky has been superimposed into the picture, because the clouds seem too close to be real. It gives a cinematic gravitas to the image, if you didn’t know any wiser it could easily be mistaken as a screen shot from The Walking Dead.  It doesn’t need an explanation to know that it is an apocalyptic scene. The clothing, weapons, overgrown foliage, derelict buildings, sky, dirty faces and expressions all amalgamate to create a dark feeling of an apocalypse.


I feel like this image tells the biggest story, or at leasts creates the most questions and possibilities. It makes me want to know more about the girls story, and why she’s chosen to carry her guitar with her. I’d like to think that she’s this young romantic and she spends her time playing music and remaining hopeful. It is where she is looking off into the distance that gives off a sense of hope. Again the scenery reflects the theme.

As a body of work the theme is strong and carried throughout, without the images becoming boring and repetitive. I like how the female characters are shown in the same strong ‘survivor’ way as the men are. I especially like the photo with the man and his dog because it gives off the ‘mans best friend message’ that even at the end of the world our pets will remain loyal to us.

All the photos keep my attention, and I feel intrigued in each image. There is enough going on individually and as a series.

I wasn’t considering having many portraits in my own series, only a few self portraits but after seeing these it has opened my options more. These images have such a grand feel to them, I don’t think I am going to create mine like this, because I want there to be a sense of every day is the same, and get a repetitive nature into the series. With Jason Sinn’s work each photograph tells a different persons story, but within the same genre. With my own work the series of photos will all be from just one characters perspective.


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