iZombie (inspiration)

izombie_promo_poster-860x280when I first saw the advertisement for iZombie I decided to give it a miss, it looked just a bit too cheesy and, well fake. I understand how television works and that not everything you see is real, but you want to be pushed to a line of ‘maybe this is real’ or at least has some realism to it. By judging a book by its cover I almost missed a really great take on the zombie classic.

iZombie is about a girl, who became infected but controls the urge to kill humans, she gets hold of brains by working as an assistant medical examiner, she takes the brain out of an already dead body and then sews it back up. In doing this she gets part of the deceased persons personality and memories, and then (in the weird world that this is) uses this information to solve murders.

I feel like i’m trying to be quite factual whilst I am writing about this because otherwise I feel like I will just get overly gushy as a fan or agitated by a characters death (I’ll say no more).

It is an interesting take on the idea of a zombie apocalypse, because it is pre-apocalypse but still with zombies in it, making money from doing the dirty work and selling brains to richer client zombies.


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