Idea Plan:

I have decided to carry out my zombie idea, this is how I visualise it as this so far:

(following on from the Trump and Brexit disaster)

The work will be displayed in a book in the form of an archive of images, text and collection of items, all from one girls perspective on the zombie apocalypse.

  • collect goodbye notes to family members, write them as if the person had just heard the news and had to leave immediately, ask other people to write them too? (get them to write on takeaway menus, receipts and scrap).
  • The protagonist in the story goes around collecting these.
  • The book is a history book from the future.
  • I could feature as the protagonist.
  • After the apocalypse a colony of survivors find the notes/photos/diary on my/the characters body, and then they publish the book.

Concept/idea explained more:

Brexit and Trump meant that the immigrant crisis got worse. The conditions that they were forced to live in were horrendous. A disease started, coughing, foaming blood at the mouth and then death. However this wasn’t the end once they had died, they came back again, the dead walking the earth. They were hungry for human flesh. They began hiding themselves away in lorries and ferries. It then spread quicker than the fire of London, faster than anything we had experienced before.

England isn’t prepared for wind, rain or snow, there was no way we were prepared for what was about to hit.

There are biters and sentients and us and them. The biters are your full on walking dead zombies and the sentients are those who caught the disease but refrain from biting anyone. To stay alive they eat from cattle. However this shows as a sign of weakness and the biters will attack, not to feed but as a sport.

I also mentioned us and them. Us are the survivors and Them are the hunters. I believe in killing a biter only when it is the only way out of a dangerous situation. But I would never kill a sentient. You can’t be near one for too long however as the disease is now airborne.

you don’t come across many people and when you do you don’t know who you can trust or if they want you hanging around. You don’t get used to be on your own. I’ve learnt a lot about different cameras because every time the battery dies I have to pick up a new one. There is no electricity but if there is battery left it will work. (having this in the story means that I can shoot on whatever I have to hand).

There are subtle differences between the biter and the sentient:


  • Grumble and growl
  • balding

struggle to walk (limping, signs of injury)

  • often blood soaked
  • Can survive a great ordeal (blood loss is not a problem)
  • pupils enlarged
  • white skin
  • blue veins that swell after eating


  • usually silent if not will hear them coughing
  • still have hair
  • very slow walkers
  • little mess apart from dirt
  • bruise easily, breakable, fragile
  • bloodshot eyes
  • red blotchy skin
  • sad expressions
  • sometimes responsive to speech

The book can include:

  • good bye notes written on,
  1. Takeaway menus
  2. bus timetables
  3. receipts
  4. children writing in crayon
  5. pages torn from books
  • Sweet/chocolate wrappers
  • dog tag (if dog becomes evident in the story)
  • tin food labels
  • posters
  • news articles
  • sketches/ illustrations
  • writings
  • polaroid images

I could include song lyrics? that the protagonist writes down when they get stuck in her head.

Photos of:

  • baren landscapes
  • dog photos
  • camps
  • rotten fruit in abandoned homes
  • people she meets (portraits)
  • photo of a sentient?

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