Brittany Bentine- Locked Illusions

Brittany Bentine is a Houston based photographer, she is the owner of Locked Illusions. A photography studio, she specialises in maternity, babies, children, families and teenagers. However it isn’t your normal family portrait session…

“America’s First Goth/Alt and fantasy themed photographic art for maternity, babies, kids, families, and teens.”

She creates stunningly eery portraits of children, covering them in blood and dressing them in old fashioned clothing. They aren’t to everyones tastes and she has been told that her work is sick and disturbing. I however think it looks amazing, it’s a brilliant business venture as its so outside the box, everywhere you see studios offering dress up as your favourite princess or superhero for children but nothing for the children with a stranger interest.

She began shooting the more normal type things but became bored of this style very quickly. She always knew that she wanted to shoot more darker imagery, so moved onto it, she first used her own children who thoroughly enjoyed it.

Reading into her work further I have discovered that she actually receives lots of complaints about her work, and even that its along the lines of child abuse, Personally I think they are silly, it is no different than dressing up for halloween, except executed better.


This is my favourite photo she has taken, it is beautiful as well as gruesome, she pulls it off really well. I know that they are for commercial use, they aren’t from a fancy photographer who exhibits in galleries, but they have such an imaginative quality to them.

Theres a hidden story behind each photo she takes and they aren’t made in a way that they are so gory that you can’t bare to look, but they are intriguing.

To achieve a shallow depth of field an open aperture is used, this really makes the figure POP from the background.



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