Pride and Prejudice and … ZOMBIES?


Pride and Prejudice is perhaps one of the most well known novels, published in 1813, written by Jane Austin. The character Elizabeth Bennet and Mr Darcy have captivated readers for over 200 years. Many writers, but more directors and producers have adapted the book into movies and television series. It has inspired fan art and spin offs, it is also a popular wedding day theme.

 I chose to look at Pride and Prejudice because of how well known and recognisable it is and how when I think of it, I see all different versions in my head. Colin Firth, Kiera Knightly, India and even zombies. All four of those are from different adaptations, I am not a huge fan, I don’t know everything about it, but it is so huge that you can’t not know anything about it.

The Bollywood film, Bride and Prejudice is a brilliant take on it, and its full of catchy songs and beautiful imagery. However, I chose Pride and Prejudice and Zombies to talk about as it fits in with my visual project. It sounds like the cheesiest film since Sharknado but it is actually really good, love the casting of Lily James as Miss Bennet and Matt Smith as the ditsy Mr Collins.

It’s hard to talk about in a serious way because it’s not a serious film, not in the slightest but I enjoyed it. So here goes, The story is set in Georgian times, sticking with the original setting means similar clothing, the only difference is the ladies have guns strapped to their legs under their fine gowns. The characters all have the same paths as they did in the original, however the way some things are reached differs slightly. (for example you don’t get Mr Darcy shoving a zombie into an oven in the original).

Each scene is captivating and beautiful, because of the stunning British scenery and back drops. It is different enough to appeal to a new audience whilst sticking to the true essence of the story to keep hardcore Darcy fans happy.


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