Don’t judge a book by its cover

When designing a book there are many vital decisions to be made and perhaps one that could make or break a book. The cover, now people always say to not judge a book by its cover but that is exactly what we do, when you go into a book shop you are faced with hundreds of different books, and what you see is all the different colours and designs on the covers, and ultimately these are what draws you in. There is always one book in particular that will stand out because it looks different from the others.

I am always drawn in by fancy old looking books, and they then intrigue me enough to find out about the contents of the book. Plain understated books are also a favourite of mine because the cover gives you no clues as to what it is about, besides from the title.

Book cover analysis:

collection of books that I don’t know:
(I am analysing book covers that I don’t know what the contents is to see if the cover helps with story inside).


Automatically you think of the bright yellow smileys, your brain makes this connection because they are so regularly used and seen. Then the design of the text reflects a sad face, which in fact illustrates the title, ‘Against Happiness’.

However I am left clueless as to what type of book it even is, which I see as a good thing because it invites you to pick it up and find out.

I can imagine seeing this on a book shelf, and it would stand out amongst the others because of its sheer brightness.

Another book that would catch a lot of peoples eyes, maybe not for the right reason of “ooh this looks like a nice book to read” but none the less it does its job of being eye catching. The bold colours, the imagery and title all make it very garish.

I think people might be put off going any further than just looking at it, they might be put off to pick it up and investigate further. Also it isn’t the most suitable of covers for all ages.


This is the book cover, not a photo of the book, as I originally thought. This is cleverly carried out because, the book is about dead people, and the position of the book on the cover is laid out to represent a tomb.

I think the book is pretty self explanatory and I think the cover of the book in the photo would have worked well too, but just by photographing that it adds depth to the cover.

A collection of books that I know (or know of):

A Clockwork Orange has many different copies out, some covers don’t work quite as well as this one. There is one version where the cover is a photograph of a glass of milk, and don’t get me wrong i understand the reference but I actually detest the cover, it looks too pleasant.

This cover how ever I think is great, because it uses bold primary colours that appeal to children and it becomes a juxtaposition with the story inside, it’s quite a sick play on this idea of it looking like something you’d find in the children’s section but you would never want your child to read whats inside.

It is so iconic too, to the point where it doesn’t even need a title on the cover. The bright colours are the polar opposite of the dark dystopian future world that lies inside.

Unknown 21.05.48

It is actually really difficult to analyse a cover of book that I already know, because I can automatically make connections with the story, whereas other people might not. Girl Online is the first novel by youtube star Zoe Sugg (Zoella). So already if you know who Zoella is or what she does as a living you already have a major clue about what the book entails. For a start it is called girl online, Zoe Sugg started off by blogging, so it is very likely to assume that the book is about a female blogger.

It is aimed at girls by the use of the baby blue, pink heart and text and ‘cute’ fairy lights. The photo on the front of the girl with a camera is another clue to the story, it is about an aspiring photographer.

It is a cover that works, it appeals to the target audience of teenage girls (i.e her fans).


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