Project Update:

From the beginning I didn’t want zombies to be the main focus of the photos, but a main theme in the writing, this element became stronger still when I decided that the zombies aren’t actually going to be real.

A few different things changed my mind on this, one being the believability of the photos, the whole idea is that it is going to be a fake archive, but for it to work it needs to have some validity. Even though I enjoy doing special effects, I don’t think I have the skills or time to do it to the scale that I need. Another was that they were no longer needed, when I started writing the story, it began to evolve into something else.

Zombies will still be around, but the story is now of a girl on the run from metaphorical zombies. They are metaphorical because she isn’t a survivor of the zombie apocalypse but in fact of mental illness. She is an escaped patient from a mental institute.

The photos will be photographs that she has taken whilst on the run, and the writing is her diary. It will become a lot clearer when the story is written.

Another reason I have come away from my original plan is that I was trying bring politically themes into my work, and make a huge statement on the current state of the world, but in all honesty it wasn’t my style.


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