Christian Sampson

Christian Sampson is a 22 year old photographer from Peru. He graduated from a small private college in May 2016, he describes himself as a passionate people photographer. He is currently relocating to Illinois, Chicago. His mission is not to just take a picture but to create a work of art and in the process capture a special memory. His drive is to be unique and different.

He makes a living by taking portraits, family shoots and booking weddings. He keeps up to date with his followers by posting his recent work on instagram.

In 2014 for an advanced photography he class he began taking photos depicting what it feels like to suffer with different mental illness’. The collection began with photos about physical illnesses like cancer, but in the end decided that he wanted to show something people deal with everyday but can’t see.



This image shows how someone might feel, if the suffer with paranoia, the constant feeling of people who are after you, watching you or are always behind you. The blindfold adds to the feeling that you don’t know what you can see, or how all eyes are on you.

This photo conveys its message well, and is extremely powerful and almost spine tingling, it is touching on the horror theme. It is also simple to create, even without photoshop. (black background, one or two lights, two models but it can be created with just one).



I don’t think this image is as powerful as the first, and its harder to tell what it is in relation to. Again it is simple enough to create, and the outcome is visually striking. The mouths represent all the different voices that you can hear in your head.



This photo shows the inability to sleep when suffering from insomnia. Now matter how hard you try to close your eyes, it is impossible to.


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