William Eggleston

election_eve_cWilliam Eggleston has appeared in our lectures quite regularly, and every time I can’t help but let out a small sigh or yawn. From the first time I saw his work, I didn’t like it, usually when there is a photographic style that I don’t like, I can normally still appreciate the technique, but with his I just saw it as bland. For example the Becher’s work is over shown but with good reason because they were at the forefront of typology in photography, so I can learn  from that and appreciate their style, I just won’t hang it on my wall.

However whilst looking for people to research for my project I came across his collection of work, Election Eve. Eggleston took these photographs in Plains, Georgia and between his journey from there to Mississippi on the night before the 1976 Presidential election. Where he took the photos the night before the election, it was the night before a big event, as if it was the calm before a storm, and he has captured this still, calm world in Georgia. He wasn’t making a huge statement with his images like you might assume seeing the events to come, but instead he found a middle ground, with no emotions of voting, or political agenda.

Some of the images are quite comforting because of how calm they feel, some give off a sense of romanticism.

I still see the images as plain, but I find something quite appealing seeing them all together. Individually the images don’t attract me, but seeing them as a series it has a complete feel, you can see a style throughout.

There are other images in the series, of streets and more buildings but I have selected the ones above as I feel like hey are more influential to my work. He is captured a real life look at the world. What you see is what you get comes to mind.

I think I want my photos to be like this and show the real world, without any harsh editing as the written story that will go alongside the images will be the imaginative creative part, and the photographs will be recognisable and relatable to everyone.


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