Books, Books and more Books (workshop)

OSC Cosala Station City:

The book that I looked at during this session did not look like a book, not in the normal sense any way. It was indeed a photo book but it was presented in an envelope. Then inside the envelope was the book, enclosed in a metallic chocolate wrapper (not with the logo or colours but in how it was made) you then shake the “book” out to find that it is an un bound book. The photos are all printed on redundant computer punch cards in doing this he reinforces the theme of the photos (the train station).

It completely changes your expectations of a book, it is beautiful and has a physicality to it, where you can spread out all the pages, change the order and flick through.

During the session I also looked at Rafat Milch’s book the winners, in which he had hand stuck each photo to reveal text underneath and Christina De Middel’s The Afranouts and I felt extremely happy to actually see this book in person and touch it. The binding was left on display to give a hand made, un-finished/still working feel to the book. There was a bright yellow band used to hold the book together, which invites you to get physical with the book and pull it off.



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