Inspiration for Book design:

From the beginning of this project before even knowing what my concept was I had an idea of what I wanted my book to look like. It was plain and ordinary, but it looked the part. It took me a long time to work out where this idea had sprang from, but I remember seeing a book for sale in Asda and I was drawn straight to the simplicity of it. I wasn’t particularly interested in the contents of the book, just the cover.

It was a standard red, hardback book, covered in a woven fabric the title was done with white lettering. It was small, about A5 size or below and it was nice to hold. It looks like a coffee table book, one you’d have on display. I almost brought it just for the cover.

It has taken me a while to find out what book it was I saw that time, as it is no longer on the shelf, It is in fact a collection of love letters, texts and stories, collected together by Will Darbyshire, titled, This Modern Love. It is just a beautiful book. It has been stuck in my head constantly since, and any other design I consider for my own book doesn’t sit well with my ideals.

co84k6nwaaakwtrIt is very simplistic, romantic and modern. The use of the colour red is to bring the feelings of love and romance.

The best thing about this design is that it doesn’t put any one off from the cover, if you see a heavily graphic cover with blood and gore, it could scare away people, or if its covered in pink love hearts it could put some people off. This design however leaves an overall neutral feeling, one where you need to investigate further.


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