I’m at my best with the support of my friends. (workshop)

Screen Shot 2017-03-30 at 21.36.21


So before this workshop I would never have used a flash on location, but seeing the stunningly vivid photos we created, I’m all for it. The photos have a nice retro feel to them because of the cool colours. I felt so positive coming out of the workshop, and really uplifted because not only did I learn a new skill, that I will put to use in the future, but it was a nice memorable day, and the photos I took along with my friends I will always cherish. A huge feeling I have towards photography is that it’s a way to make memories.

They have a strong sense of spontaneity to the images. Packed full of fun. A couple of the images remind me of some of Elaine Constantine’s especially these ones:

Photos of her friends, having fun and caught with a flash.

We then used a ring light in the studio for the first time, the results were so different and I was really impressed with how many new skills I learnt all in one day. Here are some of the photos from this session:


We then had a go with a different set up in the studio using blinds and net curtains to create shadows, to give the feeling of a home environment. Film Noir shots:

I think these shots have a nice soft feel to them, with a lot of depth.


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