My InDesign Dream/Nightmare

My distrust in online layouts and websites has brought me to InDesign, a software that I feel comfortable to use, but I have always needed guidance in the past. Before I could begin the process of designing the layout I needed to decide what size I wanted to print my book and also take into consideration what website I was going to use to print, as some have set guidelines and rules that need to be followed to insure the printing and making of the book runs smoothly.

I decided on a website to use to print my book as it gave me the most control of what the outcome would be. I was being extremely picky when it came to the front cover and I wasn’t happy with the bog standard that most websites offered. Gold foil lettering! my prayers had been answered by Inky Little Fingers.

For the Sizing of the book I had decided on A5, it wasn’t until doing this on InDesign that I realised that it would make my photographs to small, and a lot of the detail would be missing. To solve this I could print my book with the binding on the shorter edge, so it would be a landscape book, the thought of holding a book like that makes me uncomfortable, it goes against everything I know about books, it’s like it’s encoded in my mind. so it meant printing bigger… I didn’t like the idea of an A4 book either, my thoughts on this were that it could end up looking like a notebook you take to lectures to scribble down notes in. Square? the size the website offered was bigger than A5 but it wouldn’t be massive either, I personally find a square book aesthetically pleasing. Square it is then.

Having my book bound square meant that the design of the layout inside would need to change, or reflect the shape of the book. I chose to keep my text in square boxes in the centre of the page because this design worked well and kept the book flowing.

The website I used provided me with a hefty amount of reading to do before I designed my book. It suggested what sizes to keep the margins, the bleeds and how far away to keep your text from the gutter of the book. The website also offered a Helpdesk that I did use, and Mark the friendly worker on the other end was extremely helpful with my queries and put my mind to rest as I was extremely worried about doing this all entirely on my own, and how that what ever I sent in, there was no going back from. I had reached the point of no return… and received a proof within the hour, that at first I went into an immediate state of panic, because my front cover was merged in with the contents of the book, it could have easily been that they just combine both documents you send them… I phoned them up again, and Mark went through the proof with me over the phone, even though I am sure he’d had enough of my ramblings by this point. All was well and I hit the confirmation button so it was ready to be printed.

Before even thinking about finalising it for print, I read it over and over, and asked everyone in the room to read through it too. I was so paranoid that I would print it with a spelling mistake.

Now for the waiting game…

The link below takes you to my Indesign document of my final book .



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