Puppy Photoshoot = Nightmare

On the 11/04/17 I went out on a puppy photoshoot for a friend. He was looking after the puppy for his girlfriend and her family whilst they were on holiday and wanted some professional photos of the puppy to give to his girlfriend as a gift.

It was possibly the most difficult shoot I’ve done, people say don’t work with animals or children… and now I know why. You need the fastest shutter speed to freeze the craziness that is Monty running in and out of the sea. I saw the shoot as an opportunity to test out what it’s like working with a client as a freelancer, without there being too many consequences if I got it wrong. But I treated it as if it were an official shoot. So the client chose the location, which meant the golden fur of the golden labrador would blend in nicely with the golden sand at the beach, luckily nearby was a patch of grass to get a few nice photos too.

At a certain age puppies are only allowed out for a certain amount of time so this one constraint I had whilst shooting, it was also important that Reece the client was there at all times to supervise the puppy.

It was important to use only ambient light and not flash so it didn’t scare the puppy or damage his eyes. Not only this but down to how I shoot I prefer photos in natural light, also there was no need for a flash that day. I tried to make sure that the eyes were always in focus and sharp, because especially in pets the eyes are so expressive, this did prove to  be difficult with all the fast movements.

For the editing mostly I just needed to get rid of the distracting parts of the image, like the lead going right across the image or rubbish in the foreground, or blurred rubbish in the background, for example a bright blue carrier bag stood out. I also removed unwanted human feet and lampposts that seemed to protrude from the puppies head.  See the before and after images below: (the third image I have straightened the background).

Client says:
The photos came out better than I expected and Laura managed to gain the attention of the puppy very well. The editing makes the photos look brighter and tidier where she has taken away items like the lead and rubbish. The time it took for the photos wasn’t too long but would have been nicer to have had them sooner but it was worth the wait with the final edited photos. 

I do agree that I took too long to get the photos back to him, I think I pushed it aside and didn’t prioritise editing because he was a friend, and I took this for granted. I am pleased that he was impressed with the outcome though. I know for next time that the editing and turnaround time is very important and I shouldn’t underestimate this in the future.


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