Band Practice Shoot


Fulston are a reformed band recreating their image and style, they stopped making music so each member could focus on their jobs and studies, but now with more free time they have decided to get the band back together.

They asked me along to their band practice session so I could take some photos for their Facebook page. I took this opportunity up because it’s a great way to get my work publicised, they also have a few contacts in music and drama, so they are likely to see my images.

Whilst I was there I also filmed some of the practice, and they seemed extremely happy with this added extra.

I shot in black and white because the room they use for practice is yellow all over, and was affecting their skin tones, I also didn’t think they looked as nice in colour as they do in black and white.

When the band have their Facebook page up and running, I will share the links to the videos I took.

I am hoping to take location shots of the band too, however it is difficult finding a day where we are all available.


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